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Hudson Store in... Hong Kong

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Very old Coca-Cola Bench at Snohomish County, Washington

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MGM Studios - American Idol's Experience M5

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2004 Portugal Coca Cola and Diet Black Cherry Vanilla

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Coke Side of LIfe Bangkok 2007

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COCA-COLA ghost Downtown, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Coke Side of Belgium Airport 2008

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Coke Side OF Life 2008 paper Wrapped Bottle

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Coca-Cola and Else Cart Bangkok

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Coke Small Wagon for thin streets Hong Kong

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Coca-Cola Em Busca da 6ª Comemoração TV ad

Novo anúncio da Coca-Cola para a Copa do Mundo 2010 - Brasil - For Brazil comemorates for the sixth time.

Coca-Cola Fifa 1986 World Cup Mexico

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25th Anniversary Of New Coke

brief: some of the New Coke case and the video of the speech of the press meeting introducing Coca-Cola Classic

by Phill Mooney - Coca-Cola official article (tradução em português abaixo)

The leadership of The Coca-Cola Company gathered at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in New York's Lincoln Center at11:00 am on April 23rd, 1985 for an important announcement.  In the words of Chairman Roberto Goizueta, "The best has been made even better."  The 99 year old secret formula for Coca-Cola was being replaced by New Coke.

Most of the readers of the blog know the rest of the story: the protest, the countless calls the 800-GET-COKE number, the lawsuits and the eventual admission of a mistake by The Coca-Cola Company 79 days later when Coca-Cola was returned to the market as "Classic" Coke. 

For the first time in the 25 years that have passed since that momentous meeting we are unveiling some new documents for display at The World of Coca-Cola.  These items will be added to the New Coke case in the Pop Culture Gallery and include Roberto Goizueta's hand annotated speech from the Lincoln Center event where he crossed out several remarks about the secrecy of the launch.  We also included one of the binders form the lawsuit from the Old Cola Drinkers of America and the briefing document for Project Kansas (New Coke internal codename.)  I hope that if you are in Atlanta, you will be able to visit the World of Coke to see the new display.

The key learning for The Coca-Cola Company was that we proved the brand does not belong to us... it belongs to our consumers, when we took it away, we sparked a call to action.  We heard the message then and still live by it now.

I would like to share a video of a speech made by the then President of the Coca-Cola Company, Donald R. Keough.  These remarks, made at the press conference for the return of Coke Classic, were called the greatest performance by an America businessmen by a key marketer at the time.  I think they do a great job in summarizing what we learned about our brand.


A direção da Coca-Cola se reuniu no Vivian Beaumont Theater no New York's Lincoln Center ás 11 da manhã de 23 de abril de 1985 para um importante anúncio. Nas palavras do presidente Roberto Goizueta, "O melhor foi tornado ainda melhor." A fórmula secreta de 99 anos da Coca-Cola tinha sido substituída pela New Coke.

A maioria dos leitores conhece o resto da história: o protesto, o número incontável de telefonemas para 800-GET-COKE, os processos e eventualmente a admissão do erro pela Coca-Cola 79 dias depois quando a Coca-Cola retornou ao mercado como "Classic" Coke.

Pela primeira vez nos 25 anos que passaram desde este encontro nós estamos disponibilizando alguns documentos no The World of Coca-Cola. Estes itens foram adicionados ao caso New Coke na Pop Culture Gallery e incluem o discurso com anotações a mão de Roberto Goizueta no Lincoln Center onde ele riscou vários comentários sobre o segredo do lançamento.

Nós também incluímos arquivos do processo movido pela Old Cola Drinkers of America e o briefing do Projeto Kansas (código interno da New Coke.) Eu espero que você venha a Atlanta e possa visitar o Mundo da Coca-Cola e ver o novo display.

O moral desta história para a empresa Coca-Cola é que ficou provado que a marca não pertence a nós... ela pertence aos consumidores. Quando nós a retiramos nós iniciamos uma reação. Ouvimos a mensagem e ainda vivemos por ela até hoje.

Eu quero compartilhar um vídeo do discurso do então presidente da Coca-Cola, Donald R. Keough. Os comentários foram feitos na conferência de imprensa para o retorno da Coke Classic e foi chamado da melhor performance de um empresário americano em termos de marketing naquela época. Eu acho que eles fizeram um grande trabalho resumindo que nós aprendemos sobre nossa marca.

tradução por José Roitberg - jornalista

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Coca-Cola at Male street, Maldives Islands 2009

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Old Coca-Cola Ghost in New Orleans

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Some nice Cokes

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Coca-Cola Its the Real Thing sign Edwardsport,I N

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Old Super Fammily Glass Bottle Italy

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Zam Zam Cola 2002

Zam Zam Cola, unofficial cola of the Hajj during 2002 Coca-Cola boycott in Saudi Arabia

Coca-Cola Segragated Sales Point - for Jews and Negros

Talking on Coca-Cola during the segregation decades in US there is this picture published by Life Magazzine in 1938 jan, 01. It is not at the South US but at Elkridge, Maryland, some 10 miles from Baltimore.

I really don't know if this is a positive side of segregation or a negative one. Negative because it was obviously the owner, not Coca-Cola, that made the Star of David frame, ie: Coke for blacks and Jews. Ok you can read it the negative way thinking in our 21 first century perspective. But at 1938 this place served Jews and blacks. Is that positive? I don't know.

The second thought is: there were places at the area that not serves Jews to? It's an amazing register from "legal" racism times in US.

Falando sobre as décadas de segregação racial nos EUA existe essa foto publicada pela revista Life em 01-jan-1938. Não é no sul dos EUA mas em Elkridge, Maryland a cerca de 15 km de Baltimore.

Eu realmente não sei se esse é um lado positivo ou negativo da segregação. Negativo porque obviamente o proprietário, não a Coca-Cola fez a armação em foram de Estrela de Davi, ie: Coca-Cola para negros e judeus. Ok, vocês pode ler isto de forma negativa pensando desde nossa perspectiva do século 21. Mas em 1938 esse local servia judeus e negros. Isso era positivo? Eu não sei.

Um segundo pensamento é: havia na região lugares que não serviam judeus também? É um registro impressionante de uma época de racismo "legal" nos EUA.

José Roitberg - jornalista

Coca Cola Segregated Distributor Cooler

A friend of mine found this small segment when watching a video on racial segregation in US. It is from the early 1950s. If I am wrong, please correct me. It's very difficult to obtain images on Coca-Cola during the segregation decades. Mind that Atlanta, Georgia was the "capital"; of segregation in US. (no sound)

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Coca-Cola Caminhao Truck Fifa World Cup 2010 Copacabana

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Coca-Colla with Coca Leaf on sale at Bolivia

It's amazing how the world media is referring to the Coca-Colla (The Real Thing). They write about the similarities of form and visual to Coca-Cola (I see none), and that the drink is DARK, sweet etc. Ok, ok. My colleagues even don't see the pics. Where is the dark colored drink? It´s almost gold yellow like guarana or ginger ale!!!

But the main problem is tha it is a state sponsored drink. It's not my problem the name they choose. I do not know the Bolivian law. And it's impossible to anyone to confuse Coca-Colla with Coca-Cola. The bottler is named OSPICOCA (Social Organization for the Industrialization of the Coca Leaf). Nothing more to say. It's a organization to implement the use of Coca leaf.

Ok. Coca leaf is cultural in Bolivia and ad's some relief to breath on the altitude. When you arrive in Bolivia the first thing you receive at the airport is a coca leaf tea, now you would drink it like any soda. Coca leaf is not refined cocaine. They are different. If you understand Spanish is curious to hear the CEO of OSPICOCA telling about the virtues and vitamins of coca leaf...

And the Evo Morales government says that the industrial use of coca leaf will reduce the production of cocaine-base. No way! The profit has a huge difference. And the actual Bolivian government extended the legal area to plant coca from an amazing 30,000 acres to 50,000 acres, so every one who need will get coca leafs.

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Coca-Cola Serving Counter at 2010 Chicagoland Antiqe Advertising Show

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VIntage Coke Truck, manufacturer unknown......asking price was $565.00

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Coca-Cola Alien Fuel - Roswell, New Mexico 12-22-08, International UFO Museum

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Coca-Cola Glass and Thin can in Marroco

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Coca-Cola glass bottles South Korea

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Coca-Cola Tailand Glass Botle Detail

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Old Coca-Cola Dispenser need to put Ice in 2

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Old Coca-Cola Dispenser need to put Ice in

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CAFE DE LA FRANCE Marrakech sept 2005

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Closed Coca-Cola Bar Cairo, Egypt

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Neon Sign at World of Coca-Cola Atlanta

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Coca-Cola McDonalds Regular 500 ml Paper Cups 2010 Fifa World Cup Brazil 2

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Nice cups and the Coca-Cola logo for de Fifa Cup with the "vovunzelas" and Africa map is great. Kind of collector item the wil be 99% trashed.

Coca-Cola McDonalds Regular 500 ml Paper Cups 2010 Fifa World Cup Brazil 1

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Nice cups and the Coca-Cola logo for de Fifa Cup with the "vovunzelas" and Africa map is great. Kind of collector item the wil be 99% trashed.

Coca-Cola McDonalds Violet 330 ml Glass 2010 Fifa World Cup Promo Brazil

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Happening now in Brazil. McDonalds Promo for 4 300 ml glasses, each one with a different soccer player position and the embossed scrips of 2010 Fifa World Cup. As the script is in English and the other Brazilian promo were in Portuguese I guess this is a world promotion. I know I'm the worst glass photographer of the group. Please someone else do best pics then mine.

Acontecendo agora. Promoção da Coca com McDonalds de 4 copos cada um com jogador de futebol em posição diferente. Como o texto no vidro está em inglês eu acredito que seja uma promoção mundial.

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Coca-Cola no alto da Cordilheira no Chile 2008

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Coke Is It! in Vietnamese

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Mais um Coca-Cola for Pessach

É uma placa de ponto de venda em metal do anos 1960. É do arquivo da Coca-Cola. Não há data nem local onde foi colocada. Foi inserida no acervo há alguns anos. O símbolo é conhecido neste formato como 'rabo-de-peixe' pouco encontrado no Brasil, mas existiu.

It's a metal sign of sales point from the 1960s It's from Coca-Cola Archive published by Phil Mooney. There is no date of manufacture or place ti was employed. It was incorporated to the Archive some years ago. The format is called 'fishtaill' very common in US but not so widespread in the world.

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Coca-Cola 2010 World Cup Kwait can

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some coca-cola M5 bottles in Vancouver Olympics

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Coca-Cola Zero in Chineese

Coca-Cola M5 Especial da Copa no Brasil

Fique de olho nos supermercados EXTRA pois está para chegar com exclusividade a garrafinha de alumínio M5 da Coca-Cola para a Copa do Mundo. Não tenho a data e não sei se será apenas um modelo. Espero que sejam vários. Em princípio será uma série apenas para esta rede de supermercados. Senão comprar, vai ficar na mão dos vendedores em feirinhas...

Seja rápido e boa sorte - ainda não estão à venda.

José Roitberg - jornalista

Coca-Cola EASTER Pascoa 2010 Australia ad

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